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Emotional balance: I go through menopause with confidence

How do you take care of your psychological and emotional well-being during menopause?
Like any transition in life, especially when your hormonal balance is disrupted, menopause can be stressful. During this period, I take care of myself by maintaining regular physical activity, I adapt my lifestyle and, above all, I remember I’m not
alone with my questions and doubts. If I live confidently, menopause is an opportunity to lay the foundations for a lifestyle in which my well-being comes first. All imaginable possibilities are open to me!


5 tips for getting and staying active at any age

Can you start exercising at any age?
There is no age limit for starting physical activity. The health benefits are the same whether you start at 20 or after 40! To begin exercising again, I choose an activity that I enjoy, and I make sure I warm up properly and give my body time to recover. I go at my own pace, perhaps with the help of a coach.


What does being healthy mean (to me)?

When can you say you are healthy?
The definition of health varies throughout life and depends on each person, their desires, their age, their experience, and
other factors. To remain in good health, we can take control of three elements: nutrition, sleep and physical activity. Well-
being and living conditions are also essential criteria for feeling good and being able to fulfil your dreams.


Find out how to age better, thanks to a simple step you can take every day

Why is sitting on the floor every day good for your health?
By sitting on the floor and standing up, I strengthen my core and leg muscles, work all my joints and improve my balance, mobility and coordination. The movements to do this safely are similar to squats and lunges, two very effective muscle strengthening exercises. I take advantage of this Zen position to meditate, relax and take some time for myself.