Dominate your fitness—
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Your Equipment Follows Your Trainer

Goodbye, guessing.

Take the guesswork out of your training. iFIT automatically adjusts your machine's speed, incline, and resistance to follow exactly what your trainer is doing. Or override the auto settings and go at your own pace.


adjusts on treadmills


adjusts on treadmills, some ellipticals, some exercise bikes


adjusts on ellipticals, HIIT trainers, exercise bikes, rowers
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It's great because I can find ANY level of ANY exercise I want to do. Plus, my kids even use it. They love following along!
Leigh K.
When we got to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the guides were singing us in, I cried. I raised my arms in victory and I cried. I can’t believe I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro! I have never had a physical victory like that in my entire life.
Summer W.
12 hour shifts, 20 pounds of gear, and a kevlar sandwich makes for some wear and tear on the body. Thanks @iFIT for making workouts easier to sneak in at the end of the day!
Chisago Co Sherriff
For the first time today I ran for an hour straight! Thank you @iFIT for letting me do it in my old home town of Cabazon CA.
John B.
Two down!! Started the transalpine series today. Love Lucy Bartholomew! I did some cosplay and ran with a 6lbs weighted vest to simulate the utility pack Lucy was wearing.
Byanca G.
So after training for the last couple of months on the treadmill for a half marathon, I got a personal best today of 2:03:17 at Seawheeze! Woohoo! Thanks iFIT and trainers!!
Erica C.
I did it! I ran nonstop for 30 min! One more workout to go in this series. I’ve learned a lot about me and grown so much through these last 6 weeks. No pounds lost, no inches lost. But tons of self-confidence and fitness gained.
Tonya B.

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Your single iFIT membership grants you full access to interactive personal training on every piece of iFIT accessible equipment in your home gym. Go for a run in Morocco. Then row down the Thames River in England. Finish off your training with some core work with a fitness ball. All with the same membership.

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Access iFIT on your equipment's built-in touchscreen or through your own tablet or phone, connected to your machine. Your iFIT experience is the same either way.

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