305 CST


  • 16 Workout programmes​
  • 0 - 10% Adjustable Incline
  • SpaceSaver® Design
  • iFit Bluetooth Compatibility
  • Type of display
  • Retail £899

    Top Features

    iFit® Bluetooth® Smart Enabled

    Run Anywhere in the World

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to run in Barcelona? Just press start. When you purchase an iFit® membership, you get VIP access to the best in fitness technology.
    Top features include Google Maps™ workouts that take you anywhere in the world. Whether you choose a route from our vast collection of pre-drawn trails or draw your own course, iFit® sends the route straight to your treadmill for a unique, fun, and completely personalized experience.

    iFit® also sends you a brand new workout every day, designed by certified personal trainers, making it so you’ll never get bored. This ever-growing workout library offers programs that progress with you from beginner to marathoner. Requires membership, sold separately. Tablet requires Android 5.0+ with Bluetooth 4.0+. iPad 3 and above with iOS 8+.

    Well Equipped Console

    16 Workout Apps

    The 305 CST treadmill features a console that lets you have all your information and controls at your fingertips. At the touch of a button, you can choose your preset workout program from the 16 to optimize your fitness sessions, change the incline of the running deck or its speed.


    Product dimensions in cm - H165 x W81 x L154cm

    When assembled the product dimensions for the 305 CST are 165 x 81 x 154cm.

    Folded product dimensions in cm - H106 x W82 x L154cm

    The folding dimensions of the 305 CST are 106 x 82 x 154cm.

    Works with adapter

    The 305 CST works with an adapter.

    Running surface in cm - L127 x W46cm

    The 305 CST comes equipped with a 46 cm x 127 cm Tread Belt.

    Max user weight - 115kg

    The total max user weight for the 305 CST Treadmill is 115kg.

    2.0 CHP Motor

    The 305 CST Treadmill has a 2.0 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Motor.

    Package dimensions in cm - 171 x 77 x 28 cm

    When boxed the total packaged dimensions for the 505 CST is 171 x 77 x 28 cm

    Product Weight - 80kg

    When fully assembled the 305 CST total product weight is 80 kg.

    Package weight - 93 kg

    When boxed the total boxed weight of the machine is 93kg.

    EKG™ Heart Rate Pulse Grips

    Grab hold of in-the-moment heart rate monitoring. These two hand-grip sensors are conveniently built in to the handlebars. In a couple seconds, you'll be able to see your heart rate at any point in your training.

    16 Workout programmes​

    The 305 CST Treadmill has 16 workout programmes built into the console.

    0 - 10% Adjustable Incline

    The 305 CST features a 0 - 10% adjustable incline which can be engaged through the console.

    SpaceSaver® Design

    The 305 CST features a SpaceSaver® Design.

    iFit Bluetooth Compatibility

    The 305 CST is iFit Bluetooth Compatible.

    Type of display

    LCD Display