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ProForm Fitness offers an extensive selection of ProForm Treadmills. Built to last, our quality and affordable treadmills are known to be an ideal choice for running,  exercise and high performance training.


Premier Series


Enjoy premium fitness technology promising smarter, more effective workouts.

Premier 900

PETL12816 (In stock)
Sale Price £1,399
Retail Price £1,999

Performance series


When you need maximum fitness performance, there is only one solution - The ProForm Performance Treadmill Series

Sport Series


Compact and powerful, the ProForm Sport Series Treadmills offer performance and longevity whilst you stride towards your health and fitness goals.

Power 995i

PETL13716 (In stock)
Sale Price £899
Retail Price £1,599

Watts LED Series


Featuring a bright and easy to read round Watts LED Display, you can track your exercise intensity instantly giving you more control over your home workouts.

Endurance series


Need more gas in your tank? The ProForm Endurance Treadmill Series will help you to increase your exercise staying power.