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The exercise bike is a popular way to start your home fitness regime. It provides similar benefits to running, including cardiovascular exercise, weight loss and lower body toning, but is non-weight bearing so has the additional benefit of being much gentler on the body. It is a great way for less active or mobile individuals to move towards their health and fitness goals.

There are several types of exercise bike available for you to decide between. The upright cycle is the most common and provides a comfortable yet effective workout. The recumbent cycle offers a relaxed workout position and great lower back support. A spinning bike has a comparable feel to a road bike and offers a higher intensity for more advanced cyclists.

Flywheel weight is an important feature to consider when buying a bike as this dictates the smoothness and weight of the pedalling motion. You should then look at the adjustments offered on the cycle to ensure you can find your correct workout position. Most have adjustable height saddles, you should also look for horizontal and tilt adjustments on the saddle along with handlebars that can be tilted or set to a different height. Some cycles allow you to use your own saddle or pedals to mimic your road bike setup.

The ProForm le Tour de France™ bike is an exciting new product because it combines aspects of both upright and spinning bikes along with unique features like incline / decline controls, intelligent wind resistance and integrated iFit Live™ powered by GoogleMaps™ to provide the closest experience to actual road cycling in a stationary bike yet!


TDF Pro 5.0

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