iFit Link

The Minimalist Fitness Tracker

Simplify Your Health

You're not a complicated person. You like things to be simple. So do we. That's why we've designed the Link: a fitness tracker that would meet the expectations of any minimalist. It's small and inconspicuous, but also easy to use. So you can spend less time stressing and more time living.

Progress Lights

Light Your Way

The Link's four OLED progress lights show you exactly how you're doing. Each light will flash as you get 25 percent closer to reaching your goals, making it the simplest way to ensure you meet your fitness targets every single day.

Activity Tracking

Make Your Moves Matter

Every move you make matters, small or big. Let the Link continuously track your activity to ensure that every step, every mile, and every calorie is accounted for.

Band, Pod, or Pocket

More Than a Band

All the technology you need is housed in a tiny, removable pod, allowing you to switch between bands or slip it into your pocket for more subtle, spy-like tracking. No matter where you go, you can take your fitness with you.

Get the App

The Link works seamlessly with the iFit app, creating an experience that makes health and fitness fun. All of your stats and data sync immediately, so you're able to constantly track your progress.

  • Nutrition
    Enter your meals, snacks, and drinks from an expansive food library or use the built-in barcode scanner.
  • Set Goals
    Set specific goals, get notified when you achieve those goals, then relish your success.
  • Get Details
    Access in-depth details of your day and view easy-to-read charts of your activity.

Sweet Dreams

Learn to sleep like a baby. The Link records your pillow time each night and teaches you how to get more restful sleep.

Splash Around

The Link is water-resistant, allowing you to do activities that involve a little water and a lot of sweat.

Good Vibrations

With subtle vibes, the iFit Link will gently awaken you each morning and send you gentle reminders. No buzzers, no obnoxious ringtones.

Enjoy SmartMove™

Change activities without switching modes. SmartMove™ technology automatically detects movement patterns like walking, running, swimming, and biking.

Sync Up

Tired of punching in your stats every day? Your tracking results will wirelessly and immediately sync to the iFit app and iFit.com.

Less Charging

Our lithium-ion battery lasts an incredible seven days. Getting low? Simply use the USB power stick to quickly revive.

Personalized Fitness

We've simplified the pathway to better health. Every day, we'll give you workout and meal plan suggestions based on your unique stats uploaded from your tracker. With our help, you can achieve all of your fitness goals.

Welcome to the iFit Family

The best part of owning an iFit product is that it's part of something bigger, something better. Everything you do with iFit–whether you're pounding out miles on a piece of iFit enabled fitness equipment or catching a power nap with one of our wearables–it all connects to the same cloud. This means no matter how you use iFit, you can find all of your stats from any iFit platform, safe and secure, in one convenient place.


iPhone 4S and newer
iPod Touch 5th Gen and newer
Android 4.3 and newer



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