Losing weight

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If I train without eating, do I burn fat better?

Does training on an empty stomach help me lose weight?
Training on an empty stomach can burn more fat, but it’s controversial: it doesn’t make me lose weight, and it could exhaust me, especially if the effort is intense. I’m careful to balance my energy balance between calories in and calories out and only do it in moderation in a specific context.


These 5 fruits help me achieve my weight loss goal

Which fruits should I choose for weight loss?
As part of a weight loss programme, I opt for fruit that is rich in fibre, hydrating and not too sweet: apples, watermelon, citrus fruit, etc. I include fruit in a complete programme, taking into account its carbohydrate content to balance my meals. I keep the facts clear: miracle foods don’t exist, but fruit is still very useful for achieving my slimming goals!