Fitness Goal

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If I train without eating, do I burn fat better?

Does training on an empty stomach help me lose weight?
Training on an empty stomach can burn more fat, but it’s controversial: it doesn’t make me lose weight, and it could exhaust me, especially if the effort is intense. I’m careful to balance my energy balance between calories in and calories out and only do it in moderation in a specific context.

vue home gym workout family convenient fitness mirror.

3 reasons (and more) to choose The Vue

What are the benefits of The Vue by ProForm fitness mirror?
The Vue by ProForm is an innovative fitness mirror, which takes the form of a mirrored reflective surface with an interactive touch screen. It pivots on a base so I can store the included dumbbells and weights when I’m done with my workout. I can easily control my posture throughout the workout as I can see myself performing the movements at the same time as my coach!


My 3(+1) express methods to get rid of stress

What are the quickest tips to combat anxiety?
To cut short a stressful episode, I can use aromatherapy by diffusion, try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) exercises to work on accepting what is happening to me or practice yoga-inspired square breathing. Regular exercise also helps me to cope better with stress, day after day!


These 5 fruits help me achieve my weight loss goal

Which fruits should I choose for weight loss?
As part of a weight loss programme, I opt for fruit that is rich in fibre, hydrating and not too sweet: apples, watermelon, citrus fruit, etc. I include fruit in a complete programme, taking into account its carbohydrate content to balance my meals. I keep the facts clear: miracle foods don’t exist, but fruit is still very useful for achieving my slimming goals!

Diet: My Tips for Healthier Meals

How Do I Eat a Healthy Diet When I Exercise?
In parallel with my fitness activities, I am adopting new eating habits by improving the balance of my menus. Gone are the days of snacking, replaced by hydration and healthy ingredients! To keep my resolutions, I draw up my menus in advance so that I can do my shopping accordingly and have only good products to cook at home!

My Fitness Exercises for Slimmer Thighs

How Can I Slim My Thighs for Good?
To slim and sculpt my thighs, I opt for targeted muscle-strengthening exercises which, when correctly performed, do not increase muscle volume: lunges, leg raises, etc. I include them in my training programme, bearing in mind that regularity is the key to success, and I complement my sessions with good daily habits!

Exercise at Work: I’m Strengthening My Arms At the Office!

To strengthen and stretch my arms, I can exercise even when at the office. With simple and discreet movements, I fight the “bingo wing effect” and gain the strength and resistance that I didn’t know I could. Stretching, weight training, self-massage, at work, in transport or at home. Every opportunity is taken to strengthen my arms and shoulders!

The Exercises I Can Do Anywhere for the Best Glutes

To discreetly work my buttocks, there are many exercises that exist that don’t require the use of equipment. They are effective and easy to do anywhere, all I have to do is remember, and I’ll be able to work out in no time at the office, at home or on the road. I can also supplement my new healthy habits with a special buttock challenge to boost my program.