I’m starting to run: my 7 questions for the #ProFormTeam

How do you start running?
In the beginning, alternate between brisk walking and running intervals, paying attention to the quality of your stride and breathing to find the right pace. Once you have improved your cardio, incorporate acceleration into your sessions. Cross-training with strength training in addition to running is the fastest way to improve your fitness.


Is the Pro 9000 treadmill right for me?

Why should I buy a ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill?
Designed for moderate to intense use by various people, the Pro 9000 treadmill incorporates all the key features that have
made ProForm so successful: real-time adjustable speed and incline, iFIT Family access included for 1 year, comfort, total
immersion in the thousands of hours of training available to me, among other features. It covers a wide range of needs and
is a worthwhile investment for me and my family in the long term.

I’ve Mastered Training on a Treadmill!

Why should I get a treadmill?

With a treadmill at home, I’m not subject to the vagaries of the weather. Whatever my schedule, I can train regularly and at my own pace. I can get away from the daily grind and never run out of ideas to diversify my workouts with iFit® programs. From the different ranges of treadmills available, I can choose the model that best suits my budget, my sport and my needs!

That’s It, I’m Starting to Run!

Why start running?

Running is a complete sport that is accessible to everyone! It is good for your health, improves your cardiovascular capacity and builds up your body. Like all cardio sports, it also helps to combat stress and provides a feeling of pleasure through the achievement of increasingly satisfying goals. To get started, choose a suitable outfit and create a progressive training plan. By getting equipped with a treadmill, you can work out anywhere without constraints, whatever the weather.