Feeling good in my mind and body


6 self-care methods to (finally) take care of myself

What habits should we form to take care of ourselves on a daily basis?
Self-care routines include taking time to read and feed my imagination, exercising more, taking up meditation, learning to reprioritise and practising self-massage. I find resources in blog posts and follow the content of influencers who inspire me, so I never run out of ideas.


3 reasons to cultivate gratitude in your daily life (and how)

What benefits does gratitude bring?
The practise of gratitude has proven effects on mental and physical health, reducing cardiovascular risk factors. This
powerful tool of positive thinking contributes to well-being in personal relationships and at work. By saying thank you more
often and practising seeing everything positively, I can reap the benefits quickly.


Bodypositive: I learn to love my body as it is

How do you accept your body as it is?
In several stages, I learn to look at myself as I am, without judgement and cultivate gratitude for what my body allows me
to accomplish, I list the parts I like, and I am compassionate with myself. By seeing my body for what it is, far from the
unattainable standards dictated by society, I make peace with myself and learn to love myself for what I am.


Emotional balance: I go through menopause with confidence

How do you take care of your psychological and emotional well-being during menopause?
Like any transition in life, especially when your hormonal balance is disrupted, menopause can be stressful. During this period, I take care of myself by maintaining regular physical activity, I adapt my lifestyle and, above all, I remember I’m not
alone with my questions and doubts. If I live confidently, menopause is an opportunity to lay the foundations for a lifestyle in which my well-being comes first. All imaginable possibilities are open to me!


How to adopt the Mood Food trend to eat better every day

How can the Mood Food series on iFIT help me eat better?
In the Mood Food series on iFIT, Dr Eva Selhub offers a better understanding of the links between food and emotions. By
learning how to balance my microbiome and discovering mindful eating, I can change my relationship with food. The series is accompanied by recipes and practical exercises to quickly adopt healthy habits.


I find peace in an instant: the iFIT meditation series that goes everywhere with me

What are the best meditation series on iFIT?
When on the move, opt for a series of audio meditations. To walk while connecting mind and body, head to Hawaii with
Emi Erickson and Jamie Mitchell. Other series include meditations in Panama and Montana. For peace, courage and
determination, choose your goal and destination. Each day has its own meditation session on iFIT!


What does being healthy mean (to me)?

When can you say you are healthy?
The definition of health varies throughout life and depends on each person, their desires, their age, their experience, and
other factors. To remain in good health, we can take control of three elements: nutrition, sleep and physical activity. Well-
being and living conditions are also essential criteria for feeling good and being able to fulfil your dreams.


I put a stop to self-criticism in 10 steps: a focus on self-esteem

How can I stop being self-critical and love myself as I am?
To stop being self-critical, I surround myself with constructive people. I listen to my own needs, without letting myself be influenced by others or comparing myself to them. I learn to know myself better so that I know what makes me feel good and I let go of negative emotions and replace them with more positive ones. By making this contract with myself, I move forward each day as best I can toward the achievement of my goals.