Feeling good in my mind and body

Diet: My Tips for Healthier Meals

How Do I Eat a Healthy Diet When I Exercise?
In parallel with my fitness activities, I am adopting new eating habits by improving the balance of my menus. Gone are the days of snacking, replaced by hydration and healthy ingredients! To keep my resolutions, I draw up my menus in advance so that I can do my shopping accordingly and have only good products to cook at home!

Superfood: 10 Foods and Vitamins for My Hair and Skin

What Superfoods Should I Eat to Care for My Hair and Skin?
To have beautiful hair, nails and skin, I eat a variety of different superfoods and vitamins. I eat chia seeds or oily fish for omega-3 and omega-6, foods rich in beta-carotene for beautiful tanned skin and zinc for strong, healthy hair! Vitamins and food supplements can give me a boost if needed, but I choose them carefully and only take them for short periods: ultimately, I prefer to fill my diet with fresh, whole foods!