Staying healthy

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If I train without eating, do I burn fat better?

Does training on an empty stomach help me lose weight?
Training on an empty stomach can burn more fat, but it’s controversial: it doesn’t make me lose weight, and it could exhaust me, especially if the effort is intense. I’m careful to balance my energy balance between calories in and calories out and only do it in moderation in a specific context.

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What if sport was MY solution to stop smoking?

How can doing sport help me to stop smoking?
By doing sport, I can get through the smoking cessation period more easily: I’m less stressed, I can focus on new objectives, and I can let off steam when I feel like smoking. Physical activity is my best asset to succeed in quitting smoking!

Exercising During My Period: A Good Idea or Not?

Why Should I Exercise While I’m on My Period?
Exercise helps to reduce menstrual pain and maintain emotional balance. I can exercise during my period, following my usual training programme if it suits me, or modify it if I feel the need. With comfortable clothing and appropriate protection to make me feel comfortable, I can relax and unwind by exercising without any problems at any time of the month, listening to my desires and sensations.

Diet: My Tips for Healthier Meals

How Do I Eat a Healthy Diet When I Exercise?
In parallel with my fitness activities, I am adopting new eating habits by improving the balance of my menus. Gone are the days of snacking, replaced by hydration and healthy ingredients! To keep my resolutions, I draw up my menus in advance so that I can do my shopping accordingly and have only good products to cook at home!

I Exercise to Sleep Better

Sport helps you to fall asleep quickly because the body needs to regenerate after exercise, and the session has a soothing effect on the body. Besides, athletes sleep more deeply and more restfully. Benefit from a virtuous circle: better sleep helps to improve performance. To get the benefits of sport on sleep, adapt your activities and daily routines to a training schedule.

Exercise and Hydration: My Instructions

To stay well hydrated, I remember to drink before, during and after activity. During physical activity, my body regulates its temperature by sweating. I lose water and mineral salts, which I must compensate for with suitable drinks to feed my muscles and avoid the effects of dehydration. During a long effort, I can consume energy drinks. After an intense session, recovery drinks help me to recharge my body with minerals and prevent muscle soreness.