Workout & Healthy Goal

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If I train without eating, do I burn fat better?

Does training on an empty stomach help me lose weight?
Training on an empty stomach can burn more fat, but it’s controversial: it doesn’t make me lose weight, and it could exhaust me, especially if the effort is intense. I’m careful to balance my energy balance between calories in and calories out and only do it in moderation in a specific context.


My 3(+1) express methods to get rid of stress

What are the quickest tips to combat anxiety?
To cut short a stressful episode, I can use aromatherapy by diffusion, try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) exercises to work on accepting what is happening to me or practice yoga-inspired square breathing. Regular exercise also helps me to cope better with stress, day after day!

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What if sport was MY solution to stop smoking?

How can doing sport help me to stop smoking?
By doing sport, I can get through the smoking cessation period more easily: I’m less stressed, I can focus on new objectives, and I can let off steam when I feel like smoking. Physical activity is my best asset to succeed in quitting smoking!

Need Energy? I Do a Cardio Routine!

Why should I exercise when I lack energy?

Doing sport and exercise improves your overall physical condition and helps with nervous fatigue, sleep and mood. To stay in shape in all circumstances, when I feel like I lack energy, I do short cardio sessions to revitalise myself. Easy to do anywhere without equipment, at home or work, I make cardio exercises a habit!

I Get Rid of Back Pain with 3 Exercises

What can I do to combat back pain?

To avoid back pain, adopt good posture on a daily basis and act preventively with targeted exercises to get rid of tension and strengthen the muscles. Doing exercise when you have back pain is a good idea: with good muscles and a toned abdominal belt, you can improve your posture and remain more flexible. Adapt the activities you choose to your physical condition and abilities: every move counts in the fight against back pain.

Exercise: My Best Anti-Stress Ally

How to Exercise to Combat Stress
Exercising helps to improve your self-esteem and combat stress, anxiety and depression. Doing a 30-minute session of activity every day is enough to let off steam and make me feel good! I opt for a cardio-training programme, with activities that I enjoy, specially chosen to help me fight stress!

Exercising During My Period: A Good Idea or Not?

Why Should I Exercise While I’m on My Period?
Exercise helps to reduce menstrual pain and maintain emotional balance. I can exercise during my period, following my usual training programme if it suits me, or modify it if I feel the need. With comfortable clothing and appropriate protection to make me feel comfortable, I can relax and unwind by exercising without any problems at any time of the month, listening to my desires and sensations.