Choose the right equipment for your favourite workout

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3 reasons (and more) to choose The Vue

What are the benefits of The Vue by ProForm fitness mirror?
The Vue by ProForm is an innovative fitness mirror, which takes the form of a mirrored reflective surface with an interactive touch screen. It pivots on a base so I can store the included dumbbells and weights when I’m done with my workout. I can easily control my posture throughout the workout as I can see myself performing the movements at the same time as my coach!

Which iFIT trainer is right for me?

How do I choose my iFIT trainer according to my goals?
Whether I prefer rowing, running, cycling or cross-training, there’s an iFIT trainer for me. Choosing my coach on the iFIT application is easy! First, I click on “Browse”, then on “Search”, then I type the name of my favourite trainer, or I activate the “Trainer” filter to see the list of all the iFIT trainers and select mine.

I’m Just Starting Out: How Do I Choose My Rowing Machine?

Why and How Should I Choose a Rowing Machine to Train On?
By equipping myself with a rowing machine, I give myself every opportunity to improve my strength and cardio with a complete and easy-to-use device. This space-saving fitness machine offers many training possibilities. I choose the best one for me according to my budget, the space I have at home and the features I need to personalise my sessions!

My Running Challenge: 30 Days for Bulging Buttocks

How Do You Shape Your Buttocks On a Treadmill?
The treadmill is the ideal piece of fitness equipment for strengthening the buttocks: with less impact on the joints than outdoor running, I can set it in real-time, and I can work out at home, out of sight of others. The treadmill’s inclination is the crucial feature for shaping the buttocks! I can also try out other exercises, such as contracting my buttocks and glutes while walking forwards or backwards.

Exercise Bike at Home: Getting Started

How do I get started on an exercise bike?

To get off to a good start with indoor cycling at home, choose comfortable indoor cycling gear and get an indoor bike that is adapted to your objectives: getting back into shape, losing weight, getting away from it all, physical preparation and so on. Training can be done anywhere in any season and without constraints with a complete home training machine, alongside road cycling if you feel like it!

I’ve Mastered Training on a Treadmill!

Why should I get a treadmill?

With a treadmill at home, I’m not subject to the vagaries of the weather. Whatever my schedule, I can train regularly and at my own pace. I can get away from the daily grind and never run out of ideas to diversify my workouts with iFit® programs. From the different ranges of treadmills available, I can choose the model that best suits my budget, my sport and my needs!

That’s It, I’m Starting to Run!

Why start running?

Running is a complete sport that is accessible to everyone! It is good for your health, improves your cardiovascular capacity and builds up your body. Like all cardio sports, it also helps to combat stress and provides a feeling of pleasure through the achievement of increasingly satisfying goals. To get started, choose a suitable outfit and create a progressive training plan. By getting equipped with a treadmill, you can work out anywhere without constraints, whatever the weather.