Boosting my cardio


My new iFIT coach? Kayla Itsines, delivering explosive workouts!

What can we expect on iFIT with Kayla Itsines joining the coaching team?
Kayla Itsines joins the iFIT coaching family while continuing her work on Sweat (her women's fitness platform, now
associated with iFIT). With her, I benefit from new, highly dynamic training programmes that are specially designed to give
women what they are looking for when exercising: fun, energy, motivation and, above all, visible results. I discovered her
first series: Dynamic High Intensity, for 4 explosive weeks.


I’m starting to run: my 7 questions for the #ProFormTeam

How do you start running?
In the beginning, alternate between brisk walking and running intervals, paying attention to the quality of your stride and breathing to find the right pace. Once you have improved your cardio, incorporate acceleration into your sessions. Cross-training with strength training in addition to running is the fastest way to improve your fitness.

Need Energy? I Do a Cardio Routine!

Why should I exercise when I lack energy?

Doing sport and exercise improves your overall physical condition and helps with nervous fatigue, sleep and mood. To stay in shape in all circumstances, when I feel like I lack energy, I do short cardio sessions to revitalise myself. Easy to do anywhere without equipment, at home or work, I make cardio exercises a habit!

15 Minutes of Cardio Dance to Start My Day!

Cardio dance is dancing to rhythmic music while quickly alternating between strength training exercises in the form of choreography. I choose the style of music I like, learn a few basic steps and how to link them together, and then I start off every morning with a short 15-minute session without even thinking about it to put myself in a good mood for the whole day!