That’s It, I’m Starting to Run!

That’s It, I’m Starting to Run!

Why start running?

Running is a complete sport that is accessible to everyone! It is good for your health, improves your cardiovascular capacity and builds up your body. Like all cardio sports, it also helps to combat stress and provides a feeling of pleasure through the achievement of increasingly satisfying goals. To get started, choose a suitable outfit and create a progressive training plan. By getting equipped with a treadmill, you can work out anywhere without constraints, whatever the weather.

I Exercise to Sleep Better

Sport helps you to fall asleep quickly because the body needs to regenerate after exercise, and the session has a soothing effect on the body. Besides, athletes sleep more deeply and more restfully. Benefit from a virtuous circle: better sleep helps to improve performance. To get the benefits of sport on sleep, adapt your activities and daily routines to a training schedule.

15 Minutes of Cardio Dance to Start My Day!

Cardio dance is dancing to rhythmic music while quickly alternating between strength training exercises in the form of choreography. I choose the style of music I like, learn a few basic steps and how to link them together, and then I start off every morning with a short 15-minute session without even thinking about it to put myself in a good mood for the whole day!

Facial Gymnastics: Some Exercises for a Radiant Face

By doing a few facial exercises every day, you can keep your skin toned, improve your complexion and fight the effects of ageing. Add these simple movements to your beauty routine in front of the mirror. The exercises can be optimised by applying an antioxidant-rich oil. Adopt this new routine for a radiant face.

Exercise and Hydration: My Instructions

To stay well hydrated, I remember to drink before, during and after activity. During physical activity, my body regulates its temperature by sweating. I lose water and mineral salts, which I must compensate for with suitable drinks to feed my muscles and avoid the effects of dehydration. During a long effort, I can consume energy drinks. After an intense session, recovery drinks help me to recharge my body with minerals and prevent muscle soreness.

Exercise at Work: I’m Strengthening My Arms At the Office!

To strengthen and stretch my arms, I can exercise even when at the office. With simple and discreet movements, I fight the “bingo wing effect” and gain the strength and resistance that I didn’t know I could. Stretching, weight training, self-massage, at work, in transport or at home. Every opportunity is taken to strengthen my arms and shoulders!