5 tips for getting and staying active at any age

Can you start exercising at any age?
There is no age limit for starting physical activity. The health benefits are the same whether you start at 20 or after 40! To begin exercising again, I choose an activity that I enjoy, and I make sure I warm up properly and give my body time to recover. I go at my own pace, perhaps with the help of a coach.


How to adopt the Mood Food trend to eat better every day

How can the Mood Food series on iFIT help me eat better?
In the Mood Food series on iFIT, Dr Eva Selhub offers a better understanding of the links between food and emotions. By
learning how to balance my microbiome and discovering mindful eating, I can change my relationship with food. The series is accompanied by recipes and practical exercises to quickly adopt healthy habits.


I find peace in an instant: the iFIT meditation series that goes everywhere with me

What are the best meditation series on iFIT?
When on the move, opt for a series of audio meditations. To walk while connecting mind and body, head to Hawaii with
Emi Erickson and Jamie Mitchell. Other series include meditations in Panama and Montana. For peace, courage and
determination, choose your goal and destination. Each day has its own meditation session on iFIT!


I find the motivation to exercise

How do you stay motivated to be fit?
To keep myself motivated, I note the things that might discourage me and then I find appropriate solutions. I ask myself
what my real reasons are for training and I set up the conditions in which I want to do exercise. I am not too demanding
with myself and I persevere, putting pleasure first in my physical activity.


I’m starting to run: my 7 questions for the #ProFormTeam

How do you start running?
In the beginning, alternate between brisk walking and running intervals, paying attention to the quality of your stride and breathing to find the right pace. Once you have improved your cardio, incorporate acceleration into your sessions. Cross-training with strength training in addition to running is the fastest way to improve your fitness.


What does being healthy mean (to me)?

When can you say you are healthy?
The definition of health varies throughout life and depends on each person, their desires, their age, their experience, and
other factors. To remain in good health, we can take control of three elements: nutrition, sleep and physical activity. Well-
being and living conditions are also essential criteria for feeling good and being able to fulfil your dreams.