Exercise: My Best Anti-Stress Ally

How to Exercise to Combat Stress
Exercising helps to improve your self-esteem and combat stress, anxiety and depression. Doing a 30-minute session of activity every day is enough to let off steam and make me feel good! I opt for a cardio-training programme, with activities that I enjoy, specially chosen to help me fight stress!

Exercising During My Period: A Good Idea or Not?

Why Should I Exercise While I’m on My Period?
Exercise helps to reduce menstrual pain and maintain emotional balance. I can exercise during my period, following my usual training programme if it suits me, or modify it if I feel the need. With comfortable clothing and appropriate protection to make me feel comfortable, I can relax and unwind by exercising without any problems at any time of the month, listening to my desires and sensations.

Diet: My Tips for Healthier Meals

How Do I Eat a Healthy Diet When I Exercise?
In parallel with my fitness activities, I am adopting new eating habits by improving the balance of my menus. Gone are the days of snacking, replaced by hydration and healthy ingredients! To keep my resolutions, I draw up my menus in advance so that I can do my shopping accordingly and have only good products to cook at home!

Superfood: 10 Foods and Vitamins for My Hair and Skin

What Superfoods Should I Eat to Care for My Hair and Skin?
To have beautiful hair, nails and skin, I eat a variety of different superfoods and vitamins. I eat chia seeds or oily fish for omega-3 and omega-6, foods rich in beta-carotene for beautiful tanned skin and zinc for strong, healthy hair! Vitamins and food supplements can give me a boost if needed, but I choose them carefully and only take them for short periods: ultimately, I prefer to fill my diet with fresh, whole foods!

My Home Exercises Without Equipment

How Can I Do Cardio without Equipment?
To get back into shape and improve my muscle tone, I can do many fitness exercises at home, even without equipment. With a programme presented in the form of circuit training, linking several exercises, I can train anywhere and as often as I like! To stay motivated, I track my performance with a sports tracking application.

My Fitness Exercises for Slimmer Thighs

How Can I Slim My Thighs for Good?
To slim and sculpt my thighs, I opt for targeted muscle-strengthening exercises which, when correctly performed, do not increase muscle volume: lunges, leg raises, etc. I include them in my training programme, bearing in mind that regularity is the key to success, and I complement my sessions with good daily habits!

I’m Just Starting Out: How Do I Choose My Rowing Machine?

Why and How Should I Choose a Rowing Machine to Train On?
By equipping myself with a rowing machine, I give myself every opportunity to improve my strength and cardio with a complete and easy-to-use device. This space-saving fitness machine offers many training possibilities. I choose the best one for me according to my budget, the space I have at home and the features I need to personalise my sessions!

My Running Challenge: 30 Days for Bulging Buttocks

How Do You Shape Your Buttocks On a Treadmill?
The treadmill is the ideal piece of fitness equipment for strengthening the buttocks: with less impact on the joints than outdoor running, I can set it in real-time, and I can work out at home, out of sight of others. The treadmill’s inclination is the crucial feature for shaping the buttocks! I can also try out other exercises, such as contracting my buttocks and glutes while walking forwards or backwards.